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Residential Plans

We understand that saving money on your utility bills is something that everyone can get behind. Since our business is all about you. We can give you the personalised service you need to get cheap electricity and gas deals that work the best for your household.


Small Business Contracts

Since no two businesses are alike, Electricity Brokers help you find customized plans to meet your specific business' consumption needs. With our help, you can choose a retailer that powers your business with the exact plan and savings you've been looking for.


Large Industrial Supply

We will negotiate and account manage your wholesale electricity and or gas market contract. Our vast experience helps our customers discover competitive energy rates and choose a new retailer that can help increase savings by a huge margin.

How It Works

If you're ready to make a positive change with cheap electricity and gas deals,
start your free estimate process with our 3 easy steps.


Give Us a Few Details

Whether you're a small business or a home customer, your details will help us personalise your results to give you the most relevant electricity and gas suppliers to compare.


Let Us Help You Decide

Our team of brokers will analyse your area and determine the best electricity and gas providers. From there, we'll provide you with only the most relevant results for the lowest possible rates.


Enjoy Cheap Electricity and Gas

Once you make your decision, sit back and enjoy the low rates that save you hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars on your electricity and gas bills.

Our Providers

With ongoing communication to all these providers, you can rest assured that you'll always have the most competitive electricity and gas plans with Electricity Brokers.

  • alinta
  • agl
  • ausgrid
  • ausnet
  • energex
  • energyaustralia
  • erm
  • essential
  • jemena
  • origin
  • pacifichydro
  • powercor
  • simply
  • synergy
  • unitedenergy

A Customer Solution with a Personal Touch

What We Do

Compare Electricity and Gas Providers in your Area

You deserve the best prices on your electricity and gas plans. And, when you work with Electricity Brokers, that's exactly what you'll get. We tirelessly work to ensure you get only the highest quality electricity and gas plans – all at prices that are a cut above the typical competition.

If you're ready to start saving money on your home bills, phone us on 1300 700 500 and get started today with your free, no-obligation quote. We'll be happy to show you all the great options you have available to save more money while getting the best possible electricity and gas service. From there, you select the best plan to enjoy high quality services at cheap rates.

Great 24/7 Service

When it comes to finding superior electricity and gas providers, you want to be sure you're making the best decision for your home or business. That's where Electricity Brokers can help you even more. Our team of dedicated brokers treats every one of our customers with the high level of trust, respect, and the personalised service you deserve. We take the time to learn about where you are and what you need. From there, we'll deliver results that will save you the most amount of money possible while getting all the cheap electricity and gas you need.

How We Do It


We've been in the electricity and gas business for years. What that means is that we have the knowledge to sift through all the red tape – and find you cheap electricity and gas. We know how to create the right deals to consistently provide the competitive prices you demand for your utilities.


Our working knowledge in electricity and gas has given us a direct understanding of how the process works. That means we'll take the time to understand your exact needs and connect you with the best possible companies for your home or business.


We have partnered with all the major industry providers, which helps us keep our negotiated rates competitive. Additionally, we also pride ourselves in the partnerships we make with each one of our customers. We'll be your partner through the entire selection process. That way, you can rest assured that you'll have the cheapest electricity and gas rates possible.

About Us

What People Say


Our History

We knew that our customers were often left in the cold when it came to finding cheap electricity and gas rates. Most comparison sites kept their eyes on larger-scale clients. And that often left residential and small business customers unable to compare the most competitive companies and get the best prices.

Compared to other electricity brokers in Australia, our business is all about you. Our experienced team has already worked for years within the electricity and gas supply market with PowerMaintenance Pty Ltd. While PowerMaintenance focusses on larger commercial and industrial clients, Electricity Brokers is all about you.

As you can see, the underlying principle in everything we do here at Electricity Brokers comes back to you. Best of all, each one of your customised results is oriented toward you as a residential customer or business owner for even more personalised offers.

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